WHO ARE Heaven Network?

Heaven Network is a community driven DeFi project focusing on NFTs, IDOs and ICOs applications and Play to Earn GameFi ecosystems.

Heaven Network has expanded its operations to include staking, multichain NFT creation and distribution through the marketplace and a Project ICO and IDO Launchpad for NFT, GameFi and DeFi projects.

Heaven Network is a digital asset and metaverse creation studio that prides itself on staying on the edge of trend and helping support new projects with ICOs and IDOs and product toolkits that push the web 3.0 revolution forward.

At its core, Heaven Network is a community of passionate creatives, fans, and designers. The project endeavours upon creating
unique collaborations and meaningful engagements between digital creators and world-renowned celebrities, artists, musicians, and fashion icons.

We aim to break the boundaries of AR,VR and NFT technology to bring completely new products to market and create unique and
thought-inspiring collaborations between artists using different mediums within fashion, music, technology and art.


Introduction. Why a Launchpad?


Launchpads are essential to a thriving crypto market. Everyone knows the names of the astronauts. No one thinks about the engineers who built the platforms those rockets stood on before blasting off into the unknown.

Without the latter, the former could never have reached the giddy heights they did.


Crypto flourishes when great ideas get backing and investors find capital growth. Without these the energy dissipates and innovation stagnates.

But the lure of fortunes can foster greed and investors who don’t trust the proposals they’re offered seek returns elsewhere.


No innovation and no investment mean it’s Game Over.


A healthy and robust launch ecosystem lifts a market by efficiently connecting ideas with money, keeping things moving up, and moving forward. A great launchpad does two things exceptionally:



1. Provide a trusted environment in which projects and investors connect in good
2. Stay in the at their  best, launchpads are practically invisible. They’re backup singers, not frontmen.


Decentralized Autonomous Launchpad


The Heaven Network Launch process has several steps, with quality control gates administered via the protocol’s Community Governance standards. It is completely managed by smart contracts.


The three roles in the process are launcher, investor and participant (as part of the community).


A launcher is the individual or entity seeking funding to develop and launch their product.


Investors are individuals looking to participate in lDOs for quality projects on Heaven Network. Investor participation in governance is incentivised. The investor community is responsible for the quality of launches and token allocations. Our governance is aligned to Terra’s governance protocols.


Lastly, a community Participant is a token holder & platform participator who may have no desire to invest in a particular project. They neither launch nor invest, but take part in governance or stake $HEA to maintain the health and reputation of the protocol.


Heaven Network provides advice as needs be, acting as a guide in matters of communication, tokenomics and whatever other input a team may require, but is essentially hands-off.


Step 1: Proposal Submission


A prospective launcher submits their proposal via the Heaven Network website. Submissions must meet a minimum set of qualification criteria to provide enough information for the Heaven Network community to vote on whether the proposal passes or fails. A minimum amount of Heaven Network tokens must be deposited for the proposal to go to voting.


Step 2: Proposal Evaluation & Voting


The community evaluates the project against criteria defined through the governance protocol. Throughout this process Heaven Network will manage communication and connect Launcher and Community to allow both sides to be fairly represented and foster a free flowing exchange of information and ideas.


Step 3: Proposal Decision


If the decision is negative, the proposal is rejected with reason. If the decision is positive, the proposal is graded according to popularity and advances to token launch.


Step 4: Token Launch


The governance protocol defines the split of tokens across investors. Investors are provided a fair allocation based on their participation within the Heaven Network Ecosystem.


Launches will be made up of both a whitelisted sale, and a public sale.


Heaven Network provides marketing services to community and launchers to ensure maximum participation in the raise.


Step 5: Token Generation Event


The TGE takes place on the Heaven Network launchpad for full transparency and stability. Heaven Network handles Investor Registration and KYC (done well beforehand), token allocation and swap, along with any vesting periods of Launchers and Launch team token.


Step 6: Post Launch Evaluation


Following the successful launch, a final poll is served rating the overall quality for the launch.


Decentralizing Launches


You choose, we launch.


Our  success is measured by the success of others. We’re guided by three core ideals; simplicity, clarity and fairness. These are applied to our governance through community voting, our vetting of potential projects through community scrutiny and our allocation mechanisms incentivizing participation, commitment and due diligence over luck or raw capital power.


We’re building Heaven Network for investors who want to support projects they believe in and be actively involved in launching them.


We’re building for teams to pitch ideas to investors who go beyond the first sentence of a whitepaper and the size of a Twitter following.


We’re creating $HEA to put the best qualities of cryptocurrency to practise; decentralized, autonomous, trustless governance and execution.


Our purpose is to propel the next generation of crypto products to new heights. Simple.


HEA Transient’s Tokenomics


Total Supply: 20,000,000,000,000,000

IDO Sale price: 0.04

Initial Circulating Supply (following public sale): 2,607,473.77

Initial circulating market cap: $ 57,798,168,740

Type: BEP-20



Allocation Distribution


Our Seed round has a 20% allocation and we’re pleased to have successfully raised $275k. Participants in the seed token sale also have the longest vesting period. The team believes to have striked the right balance given these initial supporters and advisors (like Exit Forward) share our vision of bringing the world smart contracts for anyone, anywhere, anytime — they have already contributed significantly in allowing us to get to this point.

Vesting schedule: 10 months — 10% for 10 months

Our Private round has a 35% allocation and delighted to have successfully raised $1.2m — this is our largest allocation and for good reason. Participants in the private token sale have a 6 months vesting period. Similar to Seed, we are delighted with the cross section of our investors who have taken an opportunity in Private — due to the ambitious nature of the project we were able to significantly limit the number of tickets given to VC’s and whale groups.

Vesting schedule: 6 months — 15% for 4 months, 20% for 2 months thereafter

Another key call-out is Marketing — we want to move at pace. We have an extremely effective development pipeline and need to ensure we have the means to move as quickly with communicating and bringing attention as we are when developing our products. Marketing, across the crypto and traditional landscape will be paramount to the success of Transient.


Token Utility


Transient token holders will have a significantly differentiated experience to standard users and will be rewarded for their loyalty right across our marketplace.

Think everything from free ‘packets’ of smart contracts in HEA-Core to additional ‘Creators Fee Rebates’ on HEA-Pooling. We will soon announce a ‘Transient Tier’ model where our community will be rewarded for their loyalty and unlock various functions on use across the Heaven Network marketplace.




Website, Marketing and Whitepaper and Seed Investment Presale


Public Sale & TGE Launchpad Operational

First Launch


Further Development


Community Warchest – Fund community projects that add value to the Heaven Network ecosystem.


Launch Support – Full service support squads for assisting launchers in all peripheral functions and services around product launch.


Staking Options – Incentives for $HEA holders (and holders of tokens we have launched on Heaven Network).


New Launch Types – An evolution of launch facilities to incorporate community input and launcher requests.


Cross Chain Support – Starting with smaller emerging ecosystems.


Next Gen VC – A different kind of model for a modern investor.


NFT Deposit & Withdrawals – Batch upload/minting, Subscriptions and Premium profiles




We’re  looking  to  drive revenue  through  a number of channels, in both UST and the tokens we launch. Our revenue model aligns with our user’s successes; when launchers and investors win, we profit.


Fees from Launchers – Successful  proposals  will pay a launch fee. We’re considering multiple pricing models, including flat rates and commissions.


Fees from Investors – Investors will be charged nominal fees for use of the platform.




We’ve been buying, investing and working in crypto since 2017. This isn’t our first rodeo.


We’ve worked for startups, ourselves, fortune 500 companies, conglomerates and consultants in industries ranging from consumer goods to gaming, manufacturing and finance.


Our professional experience has been tempered by demanding clients, inflexible deadlines and relentless pressure. We know how to ship.


Skill  sets  include  full  stack development, enterprise  level  front & backend development, machine learning and algorithmic development, marketing and copywriting, product and web design.




This whitepaper is an outline of intent. Some or all of it is partial to change. Timelines are a guide and not binding. As we find new ways to improve the launch experience for everyone we will pursue them, occasionally to the detriment of existing thoughts, developments and services.

This is not financial advice.